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Billy Arcane and the Wakinyan

Sunday, August 11, 2013


A writer and his wife escape the big city for a better life in the pristine beauty of the Finger Lakes in New York State, but find there is a beast beneath that beauty that will change everything they thought they knew about life on Earth.



Thursday, July 4, 2013


A consortium of planets sends a philosopher and an interstellar crew to Earth.

Upon coming close to their destination, they find the planet is protected by something left behind from Earth’s original ancient inhabitants - a charge that sends the crew’s transdimensional ship out of time. Their ship crash-lands on Earth, but a long time ago. And as they nearly get it going again, they fail to account for everything in the temporal disruption: there is a terrible accident. The crew is separated and scattered through time.

This is the story of how they find each other again and make sense of a civilization that confounds them.


Monday, June 10, 2013


The story begins as Jim dies.

He's dying of heroin needle-inflicted AIDS. But Jim expected no less of an end to his short, squandered life. What he didn't expect was what happens to him as he crosses over. And what really surprises him is who he meets as he is moving beyond this world.

And, at the cusp of the next world, with help, Jim starts to become the person he always should have been. And in the last three hours of his life, Jim becomes Infinite Jim.

It's a journey of fixing, of repairing his broken life, and even the fixing of others who need to move on. It's a fantasy novel that pushes the limits of reality, breaks through them, and then becomes firmly planted in the world that waits for people like Jim, or perhaps all of us, really.

(Also, see the INFINITE JIM blog: )

Sunday, June 9, 2013


In the heat and heart of New Orleans, a young Lakota/Sioux Jesuit named Lee Wakinyan discovers he has gained a deep spiritual power from his mix of Christianity-the religion he has chosen-and traditional Lakota Shamanism-the religion in his bones.

Something wants this power . . . a foul-mouthed, soul-stealing punker-looking demon named Billy Arcane. When he crosses paths with Lee, Billy discovers the Jesuit shaman is the only person alive that can see what Billy really is.

When Jesuit priests are horribly murdered at his Novitiate in Billy's botched attempt to get at Lee's soul, Lee flees for home - the reservation at Pine Ridge, South Dakota. (Something he swore he'd never do.) There he teams up with his father, Sam Nightdog, a Lakota shaman who's maintained Lee was a wishasha wakan - a real shaman - all along. Lee's hell-raiser brother, Ray, is brought into the spiritual fold, too. Though he's a lot of trouble, they need him.

Billy Arcane tracks them all down. But the only souls of Wakinyan family that Billy can get are the easiest to take . . . unborn twins of Lee's twin sister.

This, of course, is an act of war on the Wakinyan. Using the ancient Lakota Yuwipi ceremony and an ailing Ford Thunderbird, the father and sons become a holy-man trinity taking their chase all the way into Hell to seek revenge on Billy, get their family back, and carry out a plan that greater powers seem to have chosen them for-exorcise this demon so he will die. And boy, does Billy Arcane die.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


Two New York cops on a beat in Ft. Greene Brooklyn cross paths with an arch criminal from 1886 who's come back from the dead with a score to settle.

Officers Lou Tagalafarri - who is Brooklyn all over, and Officer Jon Oliver - an athletic black man with a deep well of patience, are the first to recognize Seamus Bingham for what he is . . . but it takes a little longer for them to believe it.

Witty and charismatic Seamus (with some brand new skin) wants to get back what was once his, and claim some revenge on the city the city that hanged him while he's at it. Aided by his crew of Grays - a collection of downtown hipsters and Russian mobsters he's sucked all the life out of, his 21st-Century crime spree unfolds very well.

But being the living dead, Seamus starts to fall apart, literally. Lou and Jon of the 86th Precinct discover the key to why, and how he came back. They've become the only cops that can save New York from Seamus and his gang of cadavers . . . they're the only cops that have found the true weakness of the living dead.

Which is a good thing for New York, because there are many more waiting for them.


Friday, June 7, 2013


There has been a terrible accident.

Rock musician Jake Smith has crashed his Harley Sportster. Though he couldn’t have survived, he wakes up in the hospital, mangled and alive. As soon as he’s released, his punk-rocker friends all gather at his decrepit colonial house and welcome him back from the crash as if nothing is wrong. But gradually Jake discovers . . .

Something is terribly wrong.

As the story unfolds, objects surrounding him move back in time - car model years, computers become typewriters, music gets older - and all the while his grim post-industrial city unravels before his eyes. Soon Jake begins to wonder who he is, too. He’s working on a long novel, perhaps he’s musician, now he’s not sure.

Jake is lost in Edge World.

There are forces in this world that want to help him. He heals unusually fast from the accident. His best friend Henry Naraka appears to be a driving force of reason. And Jake falls in love with Grace Smith, a reporter for the local paper who is using a pseudonym. Jake may have found the salvation he desperately needed in this beautiful, smart spirit. Unfortunately, one of his good friends - the manic and charismatic Billy Zebule - is not what he appears to be, but turns out to be who we expected all along . . . hope you can guess his name.

Will Jake make it out of Edge World alive?

Is he alive?


Thursday, June 6, 2013


A heavy rock and roll band forms, plays, and dissipates in "megatropolis." (New York, deep underground.)

The story depicts a world that we think we know, but only our band is brave enough and boneheaded enough to really get us there.

It's a drama with a comic, surrealistic edge, and each member of the band shines as a full, engaging character. When it all finally blows up, the true test becomes how a musician answers to his muse.